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Lafarge® Northwest

Our local Lafarge® concrete teams work to deliver the products that can have a positive impact on your project. We share our knowledge across regions to help us and our clients learn from experience.

Lafarge offers a variety of concrete products to supply the needs of any job, large or small.  Recently we introduced innovative products that have had a tremendous impact on construction practices.

Agilia® is a highly fluid concrete mix that sets new standards for cast-in-place concrete. It is a self-consolidating concrete that requires no vibration, while providing a beautiful final surface finish. The results are reduced construction time and costs.

Artevia concrete provides a high-performance concrete solution by offering texture options and vast colour selection beyond the standard grey. Artevia’s unique range and performance has helped create a new medium for artistic expression in construction concrete that opens new possibilities for both residential and commercial applications.

Extensia concrete is a well-adapted solution for commercial and industrial slabs, allowing for improved performance through increased flexibility in floor design, rapid execution of floor construction, early loading, and reduction in joint construction/maintenance costs.

UltraSeries is a range of ready-mix concretes made to serve a broad spectrum of needs in the construction industry. This family of mixes is designed to give contractors increased profitability through improved productivity and can be used in any application from building construction to road projects. Specific brands created to suit your project include: UltraCurb, UltraDrive, UltraFlo-Fil, UltraHorizontal®, UltraFooting®, UltraPatio, UltraStreet, UltraTilt and  UltraVertical®.

Lafarge® Northwest
Lafarge® Northwest
Lafarge® Northwest
Lafarge® Northwest