Lafarge® Northwest | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan



Lafarge’s® asphalt and paving division in Saskatoon takes pride in their commitment to sustainable construction products and practices. This has resulted in several key advancements for business in recent years

CAP’s technical services and quality control team, paired with highly-skilled project engineers, provides not only hot-mix asphalt, but value-added products and solutions to unique paving challenges.


DuraClime has equivalent performance to traditional road construction materials, yet requires only low energy, damp construction aggregates in a warm or cold mixing process. DuraClime provides a better and more environmentally friendly solution.

Lafarge® Northwest
Lafarge® Northwest
Lafarge® Northwest
Lafarge® Northwest
Lafarge® Northwest


DuraCycle is an environmentally friendly asphalt that is specially engineered to use a wide range of recycled materials, from concrete to ceramics, glass and others, while providing performance characteristics equivalent to traditional hot mix asphalt.


Combining the inherent flexibility of asphalt and the lasting strength and durability of concrete, DuraTough is engineered to create high strength pavement surface with an extraordinary level of resistance to deformation and fuel oil spillage.

DuraTough’s high-tech formulation incorporates a flexible asphalt support matrix, flooded with a specially formulated grout that can be pigmented to provide aesthetic appeal.